Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Patriotic Crafty Day

We have had a bucket list this summer.
(Yes, I should have blogged about it, but since I have done almost
12 months of blogging in 2 months, I am not too worried about it!)
One of the things on the bucket list was to make shirts.
I saw this craft idea and knew we had to try it.
My kids LOVE to tye-dye shirts and thought this would be SO much easier!

Materials Needed:
duct tape or vinyl
spray paint
poster board

Step 1:  Choose a design you want on your shirt.  We cut ours out on the Cricut machine using vinyl.
My daughter made stripes on her shirt (pictures of that were not taken, sorry) and used duct tape 
for the stripes.

Step 2:  Place the vinyl on the shirt where you want it.  Once you have it where you want it, adhere.
(see pictures below)

Step 3:  Place poster boards through the shirts and then lay the shirts on top of poster boards or newspapers.
(see pictures below)

Step 4:  Spray the shirt using the color of spray paint you want on the area you want it.
(Check to be sure the spray paint is able to be used on fabric.  Most I saw where able to be used
on fabric.)

Step 5:  Let the paint dry for a few hours and remove the vinyl or duct tape from the shirt.

Step 6: After 24 hours, wash and dry. I washed and dried them by themselves the first time.

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