Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Little Night of Baseball

With LB at camp, this was the perfect opportunity to take Carter to the 
Jackson Generals' baseball game.
They are our minor league team in town and we enjoy going whenever we can.
We are super excited that Hayley is in Jackson this summer and she was MORE than
happy to meet us at the game.

Connor's brother, Stephen, is back with the Generals so he gave us tickets to the game.
It was great!
My one wish for the game was to see Stephen pitch.
Every time I go, he doesn't pitch.
Damon and Connor (who we were texting during the game) were quite the pessimistic 
guys saying Stephen wouldn't pitch for MULTIPLE reasons.
I only wanted ONE pitch to ONE batter just so I could say I had seen him pitch.
what do you know?
9th inning...
2 outs...
and look who comes in....


I was thrilled and got my EXACT wish - 
one pitch to one batter!
I can cross that off my list now!

Carter was thrilled to get to talk to him afterwards.
By talking to him, he also got the game winning ball, batting gloves and another ball.
What a night!!!

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