Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teen Beach Movie Night

Anyone who is a follower of our lives knows that our college kids are SO important to us.
We have been blessed that a few of them have been around this summer.
Mady came down to spend the weekend with Hayley, so we KNEW we had to have movie night.
The movie - Teen Beach Movie
We had tried to watch it another time but got interrupted by flashlight tag, I believe.
So, this was the perfect night!
We put out a few decorations to celebrate the beach and the end of the summer.
Mady, LB and Damon made cupcakes  with a beach theme.

We crushed graham crackers for the sand.
X-treme Sour Patch things for the beach towels.
(I really have NO idea what they are called!)
Nemo fruit snacks for fish in the sea that was made from blue sugar crystals.
They were a HIT!


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