Friday, July 11, 2014

And We're Back!

We had about a 48 hour rest period (and lots of laundry)
LB went BACK to camp for Week 2.
This time Anniston joined Madlyn and LB.
They usually go Week 3, but Anniston is headed to Panama during that week, so
Week 2 it was.

Darby was the lucky counselor for the week!

Wednesday night ready for church with Leanna.
The girls were SO proud of these WAY TOO BIG sweatshirts they found
50% off!!!!!

Bible class with Lauren for the week!
 Remember that WAY TOO BIG sweatshirt?
LB and Darby BOTH fit in it!

Friday mornings are always tough because it is time to say
good-bye again.

The girls opened a bakery for the week where they sold different things.
They made up different songs to lure customers in.

Great friends...
Great memories...
Great worship times...
A Great God they get to learn more about...

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