Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite Things Swap Take Two

I had already done one Favorite Thing Swap and had so much fun with it I decided to do another one. This time Kat hosted the swap and she paired me up with two amazing women!! Staci got my name and on Friday this amazing package came my way!! It was perfect timing as I was leaving the next day on a trip. She sent me:

a Real Simple magazine - I had not seen the newest one and loved being able to read it on our trip this weekend.

The most amazing blanket - I can't wait to get wrapped up in it this winter!!

Chapstick - I love this stuff!!

Sonic gift card - my absolute favorite place!!

Crayola brownie mix - my kids and I are going to have a blast making and decorating these

M&Ms and a bag of candy mixture - the perfect snack for Miss Priss and me on the trip!!!

Glitter Cardstock - can't wait to scrapbook or make some cards out of that!!

Thank you so much, Staci!! DH says thanks for not sending anything OU our way!! I had Karen's name to send my favorite things to. I tried to incorporate some of her favorite things with mine. This is what I sent her: a blue fabric bag - I have fallen in love with these reusable bags while out shopping

Persuasion by Jane Austen - love her books!!

FHU cup - my favorite place in my town - where I met DH and where we work now.

rooster recipe cards - She loves roosters and recipes. So I sent her some of my favorite recipes on the cards, but left some blank for her to use.

rooster notecards I made

Vera Bradley ID holder - I love Vera so I had to include this. Karen loves brown, so I bought her a brown pattern.

a Sudoko puzzle book

An assortment of my favorite chocolates and gum

Come to find out Karen and I have a lot of things in common just like Staci and I do. How neat it was to meet such lovely ladies!! Thanks, Kat, for hosting this!

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