Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday Blessings

Yes it is Wednesday, and I am posting about Tuesday's blessings this week but I have a VERY good reason. I am posting late because my blessing on Tuesday came VERY late (for me) last night and I have just now recovered!!! DH and I sponsor a social club on FHU's campus. Each Tuesday night our PKA girls meet together for a devotional at 9:30 pm (I know some of you are thinking that is not late - I don't know how some of you stay up so late!!!). This semester different young ladies have been speaking on fears we have in our lives and how we can overcome those fears with God's help. Last night was my night to speak and my topic was "Fear of the Future and the Unknown." (They always give me the tough one!!) The night was a blessing for me for two different reasons:

1. The girls - DH, kids and I have come to love each of these students so much. Every time we have a chance to be with them at church, a social event or just hanging out at the house, our lives are blessed beyond measure. Last night 56 of the young ladies came to devo. What a blessing to see these young ladies take time away from playing sports, studying, eating or socializing to spend time with other Christians learning more about God and what His word has to say. I arrived about 9:20 or so and immediately was blessed with hugs, words of encouragement and smiles from new club members as well as old. I did not get home until after 11:00!!! Some of the girls just wanted or needed to talk afterwards and we stayed until security kicked us out!! All of the girls are such a blessing to me and my family. (I was going to take pictures, but seeing that I was out WAY past my bedtime, I forgot my camera!)

2. The study - I was not very happy over my topic. It was not something I could wrap my head around for the longest time. I looked for help and found very little. I got very frustrated, but finally, I allowed God's word to speak to me and I found a lot of information!!! I hope to have some of my findings written out soon to share with all of you. I am not the most eloquent speaker or writer, but maybe what I found can help one of you at some point in your life. I was so happy that what I thought was a burden became a blessing.

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Julie said...

that is so cool, and such a blessing that you are doing something your kids can see and be a part of. That is what we love about ministry... it is so important for our kids to see it happening and not just talking about it. Making it a part of your life... thanks for sharing.

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