Thursday, January 22, 2009

Count Your Blessings

Today is Thursday which means it is time for me to look back on the week and see the blessings that have come into my life.
  1. Cecily - Because of her and her amazing parents, I am able to stay home with my babies. They spoil me!!!

  2. Wonderful Heroes for my Children - I have mentioned so many times on this blog the amazing college students we have around us. We are blessed to still be able to go to the basketball games were some of my children's heroes play on the basketball court. We are so blessed for such good role models. My kids will see them on the basketball court on nights and then at church worshipping God the next day. These players are right up there with professional athletes for my children.

  3. Kim, my crazy basketball buddy - Kim and I are too much alike in many ways (we are different, too). One way we are alike is our love for FHU basketball. We have our same seats for every game and people know they better not mess with them. We have tried other seats and they just don't work. We have "names" for the refs and yell out our support throughout most of the game.

  4. Hobby Lobby Half-Off Sale - for without this I cannot create.

  5. My church family - We have been blessed beyond measure with a wonderful, kind and loving church family. We enjoy getting together to worship our Father in Heaven when called together as well as other times during the week.

  6. The Old Testament - We have been called upon to read the Old Testament this year in our congregation. We read throughout the week and, then on Sunday night, our lesson comes from our reading. What wonderful stories we have in the Old Testament! We are shown that God takes imperfect people and uses them for His glory. What a lesson and encouragement for us! Thank you, elders, Daniel and Justin, for this great challenge!

  7. No School Days - I love days when we are all home. How special this week was to have an extra day of play, relaxing and just enjoying each other!

  8. America - What a country we live in! I don't know if it stems from my Air Force roots or what but I love our country and the people that make it what it is. I love that we can speak our minds and vote. I also love that we can dream of a better tomorrow of ourselves and our children.

  9. My Children's Teachers - We have always been blessed with good teachers for our children. Each teacher has always encouraged my children to be themselves while learning new things and building upon what they already know. We have been especially blessed in that Laura Beth has been able to have the same teacher for the past 2 years (and it helps that she is one of my best friends!!). We pray to God that He will always put them in the place where they can best grow and He has been ever faithful to us in that regard.

  10. Damon - I know I have already bragged on him this week, but I am thankful for his hard work to get our house ready for us to live in. Lord willing, next week I will have pictures up of the new house. It is because of Damon's hard work that we are going to be in the house this early!
Look back over your week - what are you thankful for? Join us!


Nicole O'Dell said...

Wonderful list! I love reading the O.T. Sometimes I spend more time there than in the N.T. Enjoy!

Thanks for joining in!

Mama Krit said...

great post! This week it has been easy to focus upon what I am grateful for in my country. What with Martin Luther King day and the inauguration, I mostly grateful for hope.

Veggie Mom said...

Teachers are the best role-models a child can have, aren't they?

AndreaLeigh said...

great list, girlie! you are blessed. i hope you are having luck with the husband's job search. my prayers go out with you two.

Tracy P. said...

I'm over here catching up this morning--lots of good stuff this week, Becky! I didn't know you were a teacher--me too! And boy do I have a lot of children's books. I can no longer justify buying one more picture book on a book order because my kids are TOO BIG! Woe is me. I really, really want "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake".

I have been thankful this week for the way God has met my kids needs. Bethany had a new little friend from school call her to play this week. She was so excited. And the Lord helped Ben buckle down and have fun with a big project for school, and he did SO well. I think we can get so busy trying to meet all those needs that God doesn't have a chance to show them His own very personal provision.

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