Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friends, Food and Football (?)

Our friends, the Osments (Sid, Sheri and Nicole, plus Adam), invited the Scott family and our family over to Camden, TN, for a Sugar Bowl party last night. We loaded the van ALL (even Damon) decked out in our Bama gear thinking we were going to have a great night of food, friends and football. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I guess. We had a wonderful time with the Osments - what hosts! We all enjoyed being together, yelling at the tv and giving Katy a hard time about John Parker (we are all glad he is gone!). The food was UNBELIEVABLE!!! We had every kind of food imaginable on every kind of Bama or football platter imaginable! We all ate and ate and ate. It was decided that we all eat when we are depressed - which leads to the football. I don't want to make excuses and I don't know what happened. That could have been the most horrible and embarrassing game I have ever watched. That is all I am going to say on that matter. In spite of the horrible game, it was a great night with friends. Thank you for the invite and all the food!

The Crimson Tide had a much better season than I ever thought they would have this year, so I must think positively and always remember:
Roll Tide Roll!


Faughn Family of Four said...

Personally, I found the game to be great fun!!!


Just don't tell Leah I said that!!!!!

Amanda said...

Sorry your team didn't win ~ but at least you all had great company!
Amanda x

Laura said...

I'm so depressed. I think I'm in mourning!

nike shoes said...

I like your blog

paestar said...

I love your blog. The background, and of course your content is adorable!!! I love the tooth fairy story. And I love the way you put collages of pictures together. I may have to steal that idea!!
Take Care,
Oh, and I can't not say this, GO GATORS!!! (I am a gator alumni!!!)

Maggii said...

Oh no no no.....WAR EAGLE!!! LOL

Sorry couldn't resist! Popped over from SITS and scrolled down just to see this....this .....this blasphemhy!!!!! J/K<---not really...oh ok...I am...

Happy SITS day!

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