Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living In A Cupcake World

The last few weeks I feel like I have been living in a cupcake world.  How sweet it has been!!!!  Tonight at church our Tween group (3rd-6th grade) had one BIG birthday party for all the Tweens.  For the party, my amazing friend, Cathy, made cupcakes and I made cupcake pics.  On one side, each pic had a cupcake.  Stickles (I love those things) were used to make the flame on each cupcake as well as the sprinkles.
 The other side of the cupcake bore each child's name to personalize the event.

Here's my sweet birthday girl!!
Come back later this week to see how we rounded up
family and a few friends for a great time!!


Smelling Coffee said...

How cute! I don't know what a stickles is... But the toppers you made look "professional"!

Happy birthday to your sweet girl. :-)


Laura said...

Love me some cupcakes!!

Kristen said...

These look great! And that's a great idea to have one BIG birthday party for all of the kids. Never thought about that!

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