Monday, March 14, 2011

The "What's" and "How's" of Hospitality

I am sorry I have been away and have not finished the hospitality series.  It has taken longer to get over my sickness than I had planned.  The past week in the afternoons have been spent resting/napping aka not on the computer.  I do plan on finishing, Lord willing, this week and the drawing will still go on until I finish this series.

Here is the worksheet for this part of the hospitality series. You can use this blog post and the ones in the next few days to help you fill in the blanks.  If you missed the first lesson, it is here. These are the same handouts I used in the class when I taught.

Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors and strangers. 

It is what you do 
with what you have 
for people you meet!

Many people come up with excuses for not showing hospitality.
Lydia could have offered many excuses:
1.      She was a business woman so she had a busy schedule.
2.     She had just met Paul and Silas – they were strangers.
3.     She could have feared for her safety

What are our excuses?  "My house is not clean"  Mrs. Debbie shared this story with me for the class and I thought it was great and very applicable!!!!

The most hospitable friend I've ever known often invited people to her house after church on Sunday nights. One Sunday night John and I were the first to arrive and I asked what could I do to help. She told me to go into the living room and kick anything that was in the floor under the couch! She never cared that her house wasn't "company ready." She just wanted you to come, relax and enjoy being together.

My house just is not big enough for a lot of people.  My Aunt RoRo shared two of her favorite sayings from people in Scotland, where they have taken numerous college students on campaigns.

"There is always room for one more!"
 "Our walls are elastic."

Hospitality is something we can all do.  My friend, Jennifer, is living in China at the moment with her husband and three children.  I thought she summed it up in a great way on her blog.
A friend of mine, Becky, is teaching a lesson on hospitality and asked for some stories, recipes or thoughts on the subject.  This is really something I have thought a lot about.  Hospitality is one of those things that I CAN do.  I am not a great leader, I don't sing well, and I am not even a great conversation starter.  However, I can be hospitable.  

I think that being hospitable could also be defined as being welcoming.  Some of the details are different, but it is the same in most cultures. It is often the small things that really matter.  The small things are the details that are different in other cultures.  We pay attention to what has been done to us, and keep an open mind.  


It is not just about opening your home – it is opening your heart to someone.
Your attitude is what is important. 

Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.
1 Peter 4:9

No matter what you do – visit, open home, call, go on an outing – pray for the people you interact with because while hospitality does meet physical needs; it more importantly meets emotional and spiritual needs.

Go to this link, to enter the drawing that will be done at the end of the series.  Be sure to check it out anyways because I forgot to add a few links from my friends - sorry, girls!!!!

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