Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing the Waiting Game

My God does know what I need.  Even when I don't know what I need - HE does.  Why?

Because I am HIS child.  
He love me.  
He cares for me.  
He watches over me.  
He provides for me.  
He shelters me.

As I am writing this, the future is a bit unclear for us.  I chose to spend some time this afternoon in God's word to find the peace, wisdom, confidence, and strength that I need at this time.  Our ladies' Bible class is studying Cassandra Martin's book Echoing His Heartbeat: The Life of David.  When I was sick, I got behind and I felt like I should use this afternoon to catch up.  The lesson I was working on was about Saul from 1 Samuel 13:5-14.  This is the story where the Israelites are about to battle the Philistines and they are waiting on Samuel to offer a sacrifice.  Samuel is later than they want him to be, so Saul takes it upon himself to offer the sacrifice.  Just as he is finishing up, Samuel arrives and calls him out on it.  Specifically, he says, "You have done foolishly."  Because of acting foolishly while waiting, Saul has the kingdom taken away from his family and is given to a man who is described as "a man after His (Lord's) own heart."  All of this was taken away from Saul because he refused to wait on God's timing.  

My family has been waiting on God's timing for awhile now.  It has not been easy.  It has not been a smooth road.  It has surely not been an easy road.  I have tried to surrender to God, to give it over to Him, but I have failed at times.  Mrs. Martin says,

Waiting aligns us with His timing and proclaims our desire to live under 
His authority.  When we wait, we relinquish control of our circumstances,
hearts and future steps to God.  In waiting, we honor His goodness,
rest in His love and depend on His power.

I pray that God has not found me foolish during this time.  I pray that I have and will always "align" myself to His timing and His authority.  I know I will have to wait on Him, but He has it all under control.  He knows what I need and He blesses me daily.  I pray my life is one that brings glory to Him while I wait on and for Him.

Therefore the Lord will wait,
that He may be gracious to you;
And therefore He will be exalted,
that He may have mercy on you.
For the Lord is a God of justice; 
Blessed are all those who wait for Him.
- Isaiah 30:18 NKJV


Kristen said...

This great lesson is spelled out multiple times in the Bible and yet it's still so difficult for us to learn! We are not a patient people, that's for sure. Thanks for the reminder.

Shirley said...

I remind myself of Sarah and how her solution created problems that echo even today. It is so easy for us to say, in effect, "Here, let me do it".
The closer you draw to God, the more patience you develop.
Thanks for the reminder.

Ryan and Katie said...

Such a tough lesson that I find myself trying to learn over and over again! When the waiting is over I"m always amazed that whatever I imagined the outcome to be, God has provided something better than I could have ever imagined and I can see His purpose. It's just hard to figure it out though when you're in the middle of it!

Smelling Coffee said...

This was a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you as you wait on Him. I've found these truths to be so evident during my own periods of waiting... God never wastes a second of our time as we wait with Him. Praying right now for you and your family~

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