Friday, July 1, 2011

It Only Took 5 Times!!!!!!

I hate that at 7 years old my son and his teammates already have a Goliath.  A thing that just always seems to get in their way.  A thing that really has them defeated before anything starts. It all started last year in District Championships.  We had to play Bolivar two times within days and lost both - one a big loss; the other a close game.  Just this past Saturday, we played Bolivar again - once a big loss.  We turned around 5 hours later and played them again - a lot closer but still a loss.  Coach went to the Regional Tournament meeting on the next day only to find out who did we draw for the first game - Bolivar again!!!!! The boys were just defeated before the game began.  Did I mention that we will play the game at Bolivar, too?  Off we went giving the pep talk - "You CAN beat them!!! You have come so close! Don't let them get to you!"  However, before we could play, we had opening ceremonies.
#22 - Carter Welch
He felt like a BIG time player being called out and then having the National Anthem played!
Then we played . . . . . We started off well.  Carter had a 3 run home run. 
the swing . . .

The slide into home . . . 
Then we played not so well . . . We had a lot of errors and were down at least 12 runs!!!

But the team did NOT give up.  We kept chipping away at their lead and were able to hold them!!!  Finally, in the last inning we were able to go up 3 runs on them.  We held them to 2 runs as they got the last at bat to GET THE WIN!!!!!!  The boys were so excited!  The parents were in shock!  Carter said he was in gladness!!
Check out Carter on the far right of the picture!!!

The face of a boy still in gladness over the win
Way to go, Chester County!!! 
So proud of your not giving up. 
So proud of your hard work. 
So proud of your sportsmanship!!!


Jillian said...

I love this!! Way to go Carter and the rest of the team!!

Sandy said...

It truly was an awesome game!! I'm still feeling gladness too!!!!

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