Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: Love Finds You in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Summerside Publishing and author Annalisa Daughety were kind to send me a complimentary copy of Annalisa's new book Love Finds You in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  I really have loved every book I have read in this series, so I was eager to start this one.  It picks up with some characters you met in the book Love Finds you in Charm, Ohio, and while it helps to have read this book before, it is not necessary.  (I would recommend it though because it is a great book.)
Set in the heart of Amish country, you meet Lydia Ann who is visiting her dat, who lives in Lancaster County, after her quilt store was destroyed in a tornado in Charm, Ohio.  Lydia Ann is a 21 year old widow raising twin girls.  Throughout the book, you see Lydia Ann develop relationships with her dat, her stepmom, Leah, Caroline and others throughout the book.  After losing her mom in a tragic accident and her husband to cancer, Lydia Ann is very cautious when it comes to developing relationships that might take the place of those she has lost.  While in Lancaster, she discovers that she has more in common with her stepmom than she realized she would.  She also develops a relationship with Simon Zook - one that she never dreamed she would have after losing her husband.  When tragedy strikes her life and life altering news comes to Simon, she realizes that it is a risk in loving someone you might loose, but it is worth it!
Escaping to the Amish world, Englisher, Caroline DeMarco, wants a break from the spotlight always being on her.  Trying to escape from the paparazzi and her nightmarish former life, she arrives in Lancaster to get a break.   While here she develops friendships with the Landis family as well as Lydia Ann and her girls.  She toys with staying in Lancaster or returning to Atlanta.  As she decides, she rents and reopens a gift shop with Lydia Ann where she learns the value of true friendship, renews her faith in God, power of forgiveness, and the possibility to love again. Michael Landis helps her learn many of these lessons as well as the lesson of trust.
I have read every book Annalisa has written and with each book she gets better and better.  She does a great job developing her characters and bringing you into the story.  I would recommend this book to anyone!

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