Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MSYC Junior Week: More Than Conquerors

Carter was so excited that he FINALLY got to go to MSYC for Junior camp.  Now, I don't know how he will be about spending the night when that comes because he does not like to be away from home at night.  He was pumped to know it was HIS time to go!!! He loved being at camp all day with so many of his friends. 
Singing their silly camp songs

Getting his award for Fastest Boy in 100 meter dash.

We love counselors Billy, Amy and KaKole!
Amy has now had the "pleasure" of having both my kids as campers at MSYC!
A bunch of us moms got together and sent all our kids to junior camp the same week so they could have a week with their friends.  BOY did they have a good time!

Carter and Tucker

Carter, Cade and Lawson

Carter and Pearce

Caraline, Connor, Rachel Grace and Carter made themselves a little family.
I would take all these kids home with me!!!!
Thanks for all the great work, Mrs. Ally!  What a wonderful week in the sun learning about the Son!

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