Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red, White, Blue - for 90 Year Old You!!!

Plans have been in the making for close to a year to celebrate my grandfather's, J. Walker Whittle, 90th birthday.  Yes, I said 90 years!!!!!  He is still amazing -walking 2 1/2 miles every day, has a home Bible study each Monday night in his home, traveled to Russia last summer (his umteenth trip), etc.  He is a MAJOR people person and we knew others would want to help celebrate him.  We choose to go with a patriotic theme since his birthday is around the fourth of July and he is a proud WWII veteran.  Here is how we tried to transform the gym . . .
A guest table greeted the guests as they arrived.  A Snapfish book that contained pictures
of him throughout his life served as the guest book.  My cousin's wife, Jenny, did all the
flowers for the party as seen on the table and a basket for cards was left on the table as well.

12 round tables served as a place for the guests to sit and enjoy the food.
Oriental Trading was the spot to go for these items.  I used the red, white and blue
ribbon to go down the center of the table.  In the middle of each table was an
Uncle Sam hat turned upside down.  We cut floral foam to go down inside the hat.
A wooden block picture holder was in the middle of each hat with two pictures from
Pop's life secured in the holder.  American flags waved on the side with patriotic colors basket filler
spilling out of the hats.

Jenny's flowers gracing the center of the food table.

Our friend, Kayla, made the cake to resemble Pop's navy uniform when he was in the service.
Didn't she do a wonderful job?

My friend, Cathy, made the cupcakes for the kids to enjoy.
I used the Cupcake Wrapper Cricut cartridge to make the wrappers around each cupcake.
I used the Independence Day Cricut cartridge to make the cupcake pics on top of each

A glance down the food table.
Fruits, vegetables, Grandmama's Chicken Ball, and cheese balls were among
the cakes for the guests to enjoy.

Because of the 7 great grandchildren, I made a children's table for them to enjoy.
Uncle Sam hats held patriotic boxes of crayons for them to use as they
colored different patriotic activity books that graced the table.

I also chose children's books that went along with the theme of the party
(as well as baseball books since Pop loves baseball)
for them to enjoy at the party.  Each great grandchild got to have a book to serve as
a reminder of the special day.

Even though red, white and blue were everywhere, pink roses adorned the drink table to help
us all remember Grandmama Whittle who is no longer with us.  The picture seen is their
engagement picture.
The 2 gallon pitcher held "Estes" lemonade for the guests to enjoyed.
I used the Jasmine Cricut cartridge as well as the Accents Essentials Cricut cartridge
with vinyl to decorate the pitcher.
We also had a pineapple sherbet punch for the guests to enjoy while they were there.
We had a wonderful time planning this special day for a special man!!! More to come celebrating our Pop!

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