Thursday, July 7, 2011

Red, White and Blue - Out Takes for You!

Got to love when family gets together for ANY reason - let alone a party.  
When you put family . . . 
at a party . . .
with a photo booth . . .

things are bound to get interesting!!!!

4 of the Great Grandkids

They LOVE Uncle Chuck!

Chuck and Jonathan

How many can you get in the picture . . . .

Just a few more would be fun!!!!

Younger brother . . . . Older sister . . . . 'nough said

Even got Pops in on the fun!

Stone Cold!
What A GREAT 90th Birthday Party!!!
Can't wait for the next one!!! 

1 comment:

Smelling Coffee said...

Becky~ I loved every post about your Pop's party! You did a fantastic job, and I know it is something everyone will remember for many years.


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