Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Christmas in July" Meets "Here Comes The Bride"

Christmas came a little early this year! We turned the Steele house into a Christmas wonderland with our favorite Christmas foods!!!! Why, you ask (as if we really need a reason to celebrate Christmas anytime we want)?  To celebrate Bonnie's upcoming wedding . . . . A Christmas in July/first Christmas wedding shower . . .
Mr. Elf met everyone as they came through the door and signed the guest book . . .

In every little corner, parts of Christmas were tucked away for the guests to enjoy.

This was a close to a tree as we got this night.
It was a perfect centerpiece though for one of the tables while guests ate.

The other table centered around my grandmother's Christmas apron,
a tea pot and Christmas cookie cutters.

Bonnie (in the middle in red) and her family that could come to the party.

Don't you love this wreath by Kristen! You can make it, too!!!!

We LOVE Bonnie and were so glad to give her this special night!
What a night full of food, fun and Christmas!!!
Each guest brought an ornament (or two or three) for Bonnie's tree
as well as their favorite holiday recipe.
We have all decided we HAVE to do this again!!!

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