Monday, October 24, 2011

Around the World . . . in 10 hours!

I was a little worried about our day at Epcot.  I really did not know how the kids would respond to it because it is such a different park.  However, it was one of their favorites - Carter will tell you it was his favorite!!  We did have a wonderful day!
Family Photo thanks to the Disney Photo Pass people, again!

One of my favorite pictures of the trip with characters
We had a little time to spend looking around the park before we headed to Norway to eat breakfast with the princesses.  It was wonderful!!! Belle met us as we came in and we were able to take pictures with her.  As part of our dinner, we were able to get a 5x7 and 4 - 4x6s with the family with Belle!!  As we ate, we were able to visit with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel.

Since we were already in the countries, the kids wanted to stay there and do some of the activities there.  They were able to do a craft that they added to in each country.  They really liked that.  They even had their names written in Chinese which they thought was cool!  Their favorite thing was the Kim Possible missions.  They signed up and were given a cell phone.  From their phone they were to go to different countries to solve crimes.  It was awesome!!!!  We did one crime investigation in the United Kingdom and one in China.
Getting their next assignment.
I love these pics from Epcot that the Disney people took!

In China, as we waited to meet Mulan, LB met a little Chinese girl.  They could not communicate without the little girl's dad, but enjoyed looking at autograph books together.  We ran into these same people on Thursday.  Each girl's face lit up when they saw each other.

LOVE some Mulan!!!

For dinner, we left the park and headed to the Beach Resort where we ate at Cape May Cafe.  HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!!!!  Seafood and meat buffet for days!!!!! It was lovely!

Walking to Test Track at night . . . loved this pic!
We had a great day and loved just having fun together as a family.  We turned in before the night show because the next day was a BIG day!!!

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