Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Last Day . . .

Our kids LOVE Disney, but they are not the normal Disney fans.  LB likes the princesses but her favorites are the older Disney movies, Mary Poppins being her favorite.  So, when asked who she wanted to eat with while we were there - Mary Poppins won BIG time.  So, we took the kids to the Grand Floridian hotel for breakfast our last morning to eat with Mary, Alice and the Mad Hatter.  When we got there, Pooh and Tigger showed up as well!!!!

Carter LOVED the breakfast buffets, and was always glad when we told him
that a buffet meant he could eat ALL he wanted!

Don't Slouch!!!!

From there, we went to Animal Kingdom for the rest of the day.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed our day among the animals!

Another favorite movie - Jungle Book
We were about to leave and the kids had not met Minnie or Donald yet, so we headed to Camp Minnie and Mickey where we lucked out!

Even though we had met Mickey once, they wanted to end the trip with the main mouse himself!!!

What a wonderful trip!
What wonderful memories!
What a wonderful gift!

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