Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not-So-Scary Halloween Time

One of the things we were blessed to be able to do while we were at Disney was to go to the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party the night we were at Magic Kingdom.  You had to have an extra ticket for the night and the park magically transformed before our eyes.  You could trick or treat, dance with the villains, see the AMAZING parade (led by the headless horseman), and awesome fireworks.  You could also trick or treat in the park.  The kids really did not care all that much about getting the candy.  They wanted to see things you could only see on nights like this night, so off we went . . .

First stop, to meet the princesses WITH THE PRINCES!!!!  I just could not believe it to be honest with you! I really had to control myself from jumping in there with the kids in the pictures!
Snow White and The Prince (that is how he signed his name).
He was great with Carter!

Yes, ladies, watch out! This guy looked JUST like Flynn Rider!
He was WONDERFUL with the kids!
Carter wanted to meet Goofy; LB, the Genie.  It took us awhile and we really thought we were going to miss him, but we got there JUST.IN.TIME!

Then the night ended with wonderful fireworks only Disney can produce!  The villains came out to give us special Hallo-Wishes on this very special night.

As Carter learned and continued to tell us during the trip,
"Everything at Disney is magic!"

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