Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hundred Dresses

LB's book club met again on Saturday to discuss the book they read in September.  They read the book The Hundred Dresses and they all seemed to really like it.  It is an older book (the copyright is 1944), but received a Newberry Honor Award.  Therefore I felt like it was one of those classics every little girl should read.  Plus, it has AMAZING lessons for girls!!!  LB, Madlyn and I sat the table this morning for the girls to arrive.  It has been a week at our house (and next week looks no better) so I kept things VERY simple!!!

The place settings were just bright colors to brighten a dreary week!!!
We used LB's American Girl doll clothes with the rack Damon had found her as the centerpiece.  Everyone loved looking at all the different doll dresses and it just fit perfectly with the book!

Most of the girls wore their favorite dress to the book club meeting today.  
The girls who came to book club.

As was mentioned earlier, this book has some wonderful lessons our girls need to hear.
We had some great discussions about the book and how we can treat people 
today.  In the book, Wanda creates dresses for her friends.  So, we created dresses for our friends at 
book club. The girls loved designing the dresses and accessories to meet each girl's

Keeping a simple lunch, we had a sandwich bar that held different breads, cheeses and meats.
Other mothers brought cheese and crackers, vegetables and fruit to share.
We all enjoyed brownies for desserts.

Once we were done eating, the girls were so anxious to see what the book for October would be.
I loved seeing their excitement as they asked the whole meeting when they would
find out what we would be reading!!  I wrapped each one's book up in a Halloween treat bag. 
After they were all passed out, all the girls opened them at once to see that we are going to read . . . 

They were so excited and I can't wait to plan the next event in a few weeks!!!

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