Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: To Love and Cherish

I just love a good book and when I find a good author - I read everything they have available!  Bethany House introduced me to Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller as a duo writing team and I have enjoyed everything they have written.  Bethany House sent me a book awhile back to read and review and again I really enjoyed it.

This time, they sent me To Love and Cherish, the second book in the series called Bridal Veil Island.  I adored the first book so much that I was ready to go to Bridal Veil (even though it is a fictional place), and could not wait to read the second one.  This one took me a little while to get into because the setting jumped around a bit.  Melinda is the main character of this book who works as a lady's maid for a prominent family in Cleveland.  They vacation on Bridal Veil where Melinda has met and fallen in love with Evan, a worker on the island.  Evan is not ready to promise Melinda anything until he is able to support a family like he should.  Melinda, about to give up, has to return early to Cleveland with her family.  Writing letters back and forth strengthen the relationship until a storm hits Bridal Veil and news is not good.  Melinda can't stand not knowing if Evan is alive or where they stand in their relationship.  She leaves her home and takes off with her brother, who is up to no good, to head back to the island.  
Once she returns to the island to find Evan is ok, but not ready for marriage, Melinda does not know what to do.  Work opens up as the island is ready for everyone to come back, as well as a visit from President McKinley.  Melinda and Evan find that it is hard to have any time together between others trying to come between them and their work.  However, when a plot to assassinate the president is revealed, they come to realize they can only count on each other if they want to save the president, themselves and the island.

Once I got into the book, it was great and a wonderful read for any relaxing weekend!

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