Friday, November 23, 2012

Run for MSYC

The kids have been wanting to run a 5K (don't ask why . . . I really don't know), so when the opportunity to run a 5K AND do it for MSYC came up they were ALL in!!!  The plan was for me to "run" it with them, but getting over strep nixed that idea real fast!!!  Needless to say, they were pumped and ready to go.  
LB and C with Madlyn, Max and MSYC counselors!!!

Carter, Madlyn, LB, Tucker and Evan
 The kids were ready to go . . . We really did not know what to expect from this race with it being their first, but they were ready . . . .

On Your Mark . . . 

Get Set . . . .


We were lucky to have some of our girls along the route to take pictures of the kids as they ran by.  Apparently, LB and Madlyn took it upon themselves to talk the ENTIRE route and run whenever they "felt" like it (or saw someone taking a picture of them!).

Carter, on the other hand, was a racing machine!  He took his job VERY seriously and actually loved doing it.

He pulled in 10th overall and second in his age group (14 and under).  He ran the 5K in just under 29 minutes.  Not too shabby for a beginner!

LB and Madlyn pulled in 38 and 39th right under 40 minutes, I think.  If there had a been a prize for most fun on the 5K - they would have won it!!!

 Afterwards, the Associates had a pancake breakfast and the winners got their awards.  Carter getting his medal for 2nd place in his age group.

Way to go, everyone, and way to raise money for MSYC!!!!

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