Friday, November 23, 2012

Homecoming 2012

I love homecoming for many reasons.  It means that basketball season is starting back up and it means that some of my former kids come back to see us.  I love that! Here are just a few shots of this year's homecoming . . . 

Nicole (the first college kid to call me Mom), me and Ashley (she knew better than to call me Mom)

These two have grown up right in front of my eyes!
 The proud moment of homecoming (yeah . . . right) is the fact that the baseball team dresses up in other attire and Carter, believing he is part of the baseball team, dresses up with them.  We are so proud . . .

Got to love flannel and jorts day!

Well . . . other than that one hiccup . . . it was a great homecoming day!

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