Monday, November 5, 2012

The Courage of Sarah Noble Book Club

LB's Book Club met recently to discuss the book The Courage of Sarah Noble.  This book is a true story of a young girl growing up in very young America.  She leaves her mother and siblings to go with her dad to their new land to help cook and care for him.  Once they are settled and ready for the rest of the family to join them, she stays with nearby Indians while she awaits her family's return.  We were going to celebrate with a picnic in the yard.  However, rain storms moved the party indoors.

My great grandmother's quilt graced the table
(with a clear shower curtain over it to protect it)

While we talked about the book and the courage Sarah had throughout everything, the girls made butter for the dinner.  We placed whipping cream (and a marble) in a mason jar for them to shake until the butter was made.

Our discussion was great this month.  We were able to talk about where Sarah got her courage (from her family and her God) and how that is the same places we are to get our courage.  The girls did a great job discussing how they can show and tap into the courage on a daily basis.

After our discussion, we enjoyed homemade bread and homemade butter, vegetables, fruit salad, simple sandwiches, cheese and crackers and hot apple cider.

We are so excited about our next book which will be Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes as well as our next service project that goes along with the book.  We will be collecting items to send to St. Judes Children's Hospital for their gift room - a place where parents can go and shop for their children at no cost to them.  We look forward to spreading a little Christmas cheer!

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