Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Beautiful Night for a Ballgame

We are always up for a baseball game, and Dollar Night at the Jackson Generals is always
a hit.  We get our tickets from Stephen, but dollar hot dogs, drinks and popcorn?  Sign me up!!!!
We went with my aunt, uncle, Tonya and Keegan this night, and had a blast!!
Carter got to meet some of the Tennessee Smokies (Cubs AA team).

The kids just enjoyed being together and loved talking ball during the whole game!

Isn't this just beautiful!!!!

This was my protection for the night from foul balls. I did not feel too safe!
The Generals were losing and were NOT putting in Stephen much to my chagrin.
Our family is a huge believer of the rally cap and Carter tried to help out a bit
but it didn't help . . . 

We were super pumped when we bought a pack of Generals baseball cards and whose card happened
to be in there - STEPHEN'S!!!!!!!!

Despite the Generals' loss . . . 
Despite the fact that Stephen did not pitch . . . 
It was a great night for baseball.
but when isn't it a great night for baseball?

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