Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pinterest Parties: How To

One of my followers had asked me to describe how we do our Pinterest Parties, so I am going to try to explain our thinking as we plan for a party.


The Pinterest Partiers began because we wanted to be sure we DID the things we were pinning on our boards - crafts as well as food.


We thought of friends who had the same need/addiction/desire/obsession to pin crafts and recipes.  One reason I love our group is because of the various ages we have - singles, newly married, in-betweeners, and almost empty nesters.  It is a great group of women (no man has joined yet) who just love to get together and support each other.


Whenever we want . . . . This is another thing I love about the group.  We don't try to meet every month.  We are realistic in the thought of we can't meet every month.  When someone has an idea of a project, they set the theme and date and we meet.  Whoever can be there comes.   It is great!


Mainly we have been doing it in different homes.  I have heard of groups who get together at church buildings or community buildings, but we like to meet in the homes of our group members. I think this also helps us get to know each other better.


Most of our parties have been centered around the seasons or holidays during that time.  In October, we each brought a pumpkin and decorated it according to something we found on Pinterest.  In December, we had an ornament swap.  In January, we made Valentine boxes.  In March, we made Pysansky eggs. In July we had a wedding/baby shower.  We are planning an upscale party for August.  It really depends on what you want to create.


This is the biggest thing people want to know and, to be honest, you have to get the feel for your group.    Almost every group I have heard of does have each person bring a recipe from Pinterest to the party for the food option.  Here are some different ways of going about them:

1.  Have a project in mind that everyone will do.  The hostess can supply all the supplies needed herself or set a price that everyone will pay to do the project.  Everyone comes and does the project together.

2.  Have a theme in mind, like our Valentine's boxes or Ornament Swap, and everyone creates something at home.  They bring their creation to the party to show/share.  While there you can also create another project - like the two parties mentioned above.

3.  Have a theme where everyone brings a project already completed to the party.  Share what you have done and just fellowship.

All of these parties are ways to "hold you accountable" for doing all those things you have pinned.  Our group has done each of these kind of parties.

I hope this helps and I hope you are able to get together with some of your closest Pinterest friends to have a great time!!!!

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