Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boys' Trip!!!!

Carter's baseball team took a trip to St. Louis this past weekend.
They got to see the Cardinals play the Rangers.
LB and I decided that it needed to be a boys' trip, so we stayed at home and said,
"Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday to Damon!!"

Yes, we dress in FULL gear when we go to the games!

They got Yu Darvish's autograph - the WHOLE goal of the trip!

and there it is  - somewhat!!!

My boys - after a 3 hour rain delay!!!!!!

We have been so blessed with Carter's team this year.  There are such good boys and families on the team.  We have loved our Slider family!! Carter and Damon enjoyed the game after the 3 hour rain delay and yes, they made it awake for the ENTIRE game (which did not end until about 1:00 in the morning).  Best part (besides Yu Darvish's autograph) was THE RANGERS WON!!!!!!!

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