Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Girls' Trip!!!!

One reason LB and I stayed behind on the St. Louis trip was we went down to Auburn that Monday.
Walker was having his tonsils and adenoids taken out, so we went to help Amy with the kids.
We had a blast even though poor Walker was not 100%.  You will see from some of the pictures he was still "Walker," but then he would crash later!

He found the coolest green bug!

Best picture of the trip!!!!
"Not so fast, Laura Bef!!! I gotcha!!!! - Walker

They would do everything LB did! It was precious!

Mellow Mushroom!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

Walker singing "Happy Birthday" to me!

LB's first pedicure!

Sometimes all you need when you feel bad is a little LB snuggle time!
 On our last day, Walker was still not 100%, so we took Lucy home with us!!!!
It was sad to leave Walker, but we were excited for some special Lucy time!!

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