Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tuesday Night with the Braves and Rangers

Last year the kids had to learn the lesson of trades in baseball. They had fallen in love with Jarrod Saltalamacchia - the back up catcher for the Braves - and at the end of July he was traded to the Texas Rangers. When we went to the Rangers store, they found these shirts to wear in support of one of their favorites!
Carter thought it was great that the Army's Golden Knights came in from the sky to start Tuesday night's game.
Carter, Damon and Laura Beth are ready to cheer on the Texas Rangers - I was the only one who was a Braves fan that night.
Laura Beth with Mama C - Damon's mother
My sweetie and me!!!
What memories we have had at baseball games this year!! While some families go to the beach we head to baseball games to spend time together. It is something that all 4 of us really enjoy. On this trip - which turned out to be Damon's and mine birthday present - Damon's parents were able to join us. We drove to Texarakana, TX, Sunday afternoon, spent Monday there and on Tuesday headed to Arlington, TX, for some memorable days.

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Carmen said...

I see that Laura Beth inherited a lot from you- your looks as well as your love of sports. I bet March Madness is crazy at your house!

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