Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Days to Remember Forever

On Tuesday, we were so surprised to see Brian McCann coming towards us. Brian is Carter's most favorite Braves player. Laura Beth was so sweet to her little brother. Carter was in such awe that Brian was that close to him that he just stood there. He could not do anything. So, Laura Beth took Carter's baseball over to get Brian McCann to sign it - which he did. Brian was amazing. He looked right at her and spoke to her personally. It was so refreshing to see this BIG time All-Star taking the time to talk to my little children who adore him. After Brian signed the ball, he was even more gracious and allowed Laura Beth to get a picture with him. From her face you can tell she knows what is going on and this is BIG TIME!!!!!
Another blessing came on Tuesday when the Texas Rangers' starting left fielder, David Murphy, came over to sign autographs. Carter walked up to him (which surprised us to begin with) with his ball and pen to sign. Then, the amazing security guard asked if we would like a picture. Carter said yes and this precious young man just picked my son up, placed Carter on the fence so they could be the same size for the picture. Again, another star showed us kindness to the way he talked to and took time with my children. Murphy is a new favorite of ours and we were so glad on Thursday to be able to sit behind him at the game.
On Thursday afternoon we had a silver lining!!! We woke up to thunderstorms and warnings all morning long. We were so scared that the game would be cancelled, but the sun came out just in time for us to go to the game. When we go to a game, we go to the game!! We are there when the gates open - usually 2 hours before the game begins. Since we spent time on the Rangers' side Tuesday, we made our way to the Braves' side for the time before the game. We took our place in shallow left field and wondered if we would get to see any of the players. We were able to see most of the pitchers come up and warm up. Again, the gracious stars took the time to sign numerous autographs for their fans - young and old. Carter kept looking for Jeff Bennett - 2nd favorite only to McCann - to come out and warm up. He finally did and Carter did not take his eyes off of him. We do not know why Carter has latched on to Jeff because he is not a regular player, but he has. The picture above shows Carter looking for Bennett coming his way. He began signing autographs and we just hoped that Bennett would make it over to us. He did!! Laura Beth told him after he signed her ball that we were from Tennessee (Bennett is from Nashville). When he heard that he stopped and looked at us like we were old home folk!! He had already taken so much time with the kids, but stopped, shook the kids hands and gave each of them a practice ball he had been playing with. When asked if he would take a picture with Carter, I don't know who was more pleased, Carter or Jeff Bennett!!!
We thought the story had ended there and we had many reasons to cheer for Mr. Jeff Bennett. When we got home and were looking at the autographs, we noticed at the end of Jeff Bennett's signature was included - Matthew 22:37.
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
We pray that our children and the people they choose as heroes always hold the Lord number one and love Him with all their might.


My Sweethearts said...

Hey, Becky! I've been reading your blog for a little bit now, and I just find you and your family so encouraging. I loved reading about your tip to TX. Your kids are so precious! I'll send you an invitation to my blog. I don't keep up with mine near as well as you, though. Hope you have fun with VBS!

My Sweethearts said...

Sorry I should have signed my comment. This is Traci Stewart.

Collette said...

What a neat story! It is so cool to see your sweet family growing up.

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