Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shine Like Stars - VBS 2008

I forgot to put this in the first batch of pictures from the centers. At this art center, the kids made their own sea using snack size ziploc bags and toothpaste. Place a line of toothpaste at the bottom of the bag and close the bag. Have the children use their fingers to spread the toothpaste in the bag. Once the toothpaste is spread, we placed a Swedish Fish inside the bag with the toothpaste. Then we placed fish stickers on the outside. You can use this activity with any sea lesson. You can buy the red toothpaste Crest puts out and make the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross.

Today began our VBS at Henderson. The theme this year is Shine like Stars: Stars Through Acts. " My good friends, Kim and Sandy, and I are teaching the 2's, 3's and 4's during VBS this year. We decided to focus on one character for the week and the different stories that revolve around him. We choose Peter. Tonight's lesson for each class was "Peter was Jesus' Friend." We talked about how Peter was a fisherman and how he left everything to follow Jesus. We had a special guest to come and tell the lesson - "Peter" himself!!!! Peter told his story and then visited each class as the kids participated in different centers revolving around the lesson. Peter talks to a 3 year old while she eats her snack - a fishing pole (pretzel log) and fish (goldfish).
At the art center, the children colored a magnetic fish and a picture from the story of Jesus calling Peter. We got the fuzzy magnetic fish from Oriental Trading.

At the drama center, the children pretended to be fishermen like Peter. The children wanted to keep fishing in the boat!
At the game center, the children answered questions about the story and then tried to throw a ring around the fish. We got this from Oriental Trading, as well. They loved it!!
We have decorated the lobby of the church building with a red carpet made from plastic tablecloths and star squares with Bible names on them. I hope to have pictures of those up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your look at our VBS through the blog.

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Arika said...

I think the statement, "The children wanted to keep fishing in the boat" is an understatement! Ha! Especially for one child! :)

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