Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shine Like Stars - Day 3

Tonight was our 3rd night in VBS and we focused our study on Dorcas. We did go see a puppet show to review our lesson from last night's lesson on the crippled man being cured. When we go back from the puppet show, we had another visit from Peter telling us about the time he healed Dorcas. The kids did such a good job listening to him and remembered so much information just from Peter!! We all enjoyed button cookies to help us remember that Dorcas sewed clothes for the poor. We took sugar cookies, baked them and then poked holes in them with a straw to look like a button.
Our drama center for the night was sewing like Dorcas. We made lacing cards for each child to sew and then take home.
Each child made a potholder with their handprint and name on one side. The other side said, "I am a helper. VBS 2008." We talked about how Dorcas was a helper and how we can help. We bought the potholders from Oriental Trading.
We also made paper doll keychains. We had the children color the clothes on them to help us remember how Dorcas made clothes for others. We found the keychains from Oriental Trading, also.
We played a game where we had different color robes. They played a matching game finding their special color robe that Dorcas made for them. Then, while we reviewed, my helpers hid them all over the room. The kids went looking for the clothes Dorcas had made.
We have had a good time with these precious little souls this week. Tomorrow will conclude our VBS Shine Like Stars 2008.

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