Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh, Mr. S.T, please go away!!!

I had great ambitions of showcasing some AMAZING pictures from Laura Beth's last softball game on Friday night. The team has come so far in such a small time frame. Out of the 12 players, only 3-4 had ever played before and still our team took home FIRST PLACE!!! However, on Thursday night, Mr. Strep Throat decided to pay a visit to my sweet little slugger, Laura Beth. That is right . . . we did not get to participate in the last game of the season. I don't have those sweet pictures that I had planned on (in fact, I don't have many pictures at all which kills me because I was score keeper!). However, what I do have is memories . . . . Playing the first game (and a few others) in sweatshirts and long pants. Little girls who are barely bigger than the bat FINALLY getting a hit!! Sweet cheers of the girls cheering each other on whether they were the best player on the team or not. Precious smiles from the girls from when they accomplished a skill they had been working on or just because they were having fun playing the game. So, Mr. Strep, you may have kept us away from the last game and those wonderful pictures I was going to take, but you cannot keep those pictures in my head from leaving.

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Melanie said...

Oh, I hope she is feeling better! I remember Annabelle's first Christmas...I had double pneumonia. Things don't always turn out the way Mommies plan them to, but somehow, we make beautiful memories anyway! :D
Congratulations on a GREAT season!

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