Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Saturday Night Bonfire with Friends

Here I am (in the neon green softball mom shirt) with some wonderful girlfriends - Sasha, Sandy, Arika and Ashley. While some are closer to each other than others, we know that the others are always there for us. I also think, as I look at this picture of how we miss the Lamb sisters, Dixie and Laura Beth. We think of you both so much and can't wait to have Laura Beth back with us!
Now the pictures are in reverse order - I have lost my blogging touch!!! I think you get the picture, though!

The kids enjoy the hot dogs the daddies cooked (with the kids "help").
Brandon, Damon and Jared cook the hot dogs just right!

Carter is giving Damon a lot of help!!

Laura Beth supervises Damon as the hot dogs are ready to cook.

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