Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shine Like Stars - Day 2

Last night's VBS lesson centered on Peter and John going to the temple and meeting the crippled man at gate Beautiful. We talked about how the crippled man asked for money, but Peter and John gave him something even better - they healed him with God's help!! The kids enjoyed tonight's activities helping them remember the lesson.
Peter and John walking up to the crippled man to help him walk.

"Get up and walk!"
Our snack tonight was a crippled man (pretzels and cheerios) on a mat (graham cracker)
This little boy was very taken with "Peter." He told Peter, "You are in here!" (Pointing to his Bible!)

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Arika said...

Oh, yeah...by the way, I forgot to tell you that I got your camera and snapped a few pics of you telling the story and helping heal the crippled. Guess you figured that out when you saw those pics! :) Hope that was ok.

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