Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 Points and Going Strong

Here is my sweet girl with some of her new favorite books. Why? Because she has worked super hard and has made it to the 100 point club in her school's Accelerated Reader program. So I thought I would take the time to interview the super reader and let her tell us about some of her favorites!

Mom: LB, what is your favorite book EVER?
LB: Um . . . . That is tough. American Girl books are my favorites!

Mom: Which American Girl?
LB: Kit

Mom: Who is your favorite character to read about?
LB: I love anything Curious George!

Mom: What do you like to read about these days?
LB: horses!!!!

Mom: Who is your favorite person to read about?
LB: I don't have just one. I like to read about the presidents and I am reading a Helen Keller chapter book now.

We are proud of our bookworm and hopes she learns a lot from the books she reads!


Julie said...

that is awesome. I pray we have bookworms too. Our boys love Curious George...

Jon and Jenn said...

Hallie loves Kit too. She has read those books more than once. She has also been reading about Helen Keller! I love book worms! Keep it up LB!

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