Sunday, March 21, 2010

Another Hero . . . Another Ball

Saturday was another day spent at the ball park. Laura Beth was with a friend and Damon was at work so Carter and I headed to the ball field to see some of our favorite people play ball. Lucky us, we got to see a double header! In the second game, Hunter (a HUGE favorite of our family's) pitched and Garrett (another HUGE favorite of ours) got to catch. Carter thought that was great! All the guys did an amazing job and got the win! Hunter did such a good job and was given the game ball. He gave it to Carter after the game was over and Carter just beamed! Hunter was even nice to autograph it for him and pose for a picture.
This is only Hunter's first year at FHU but these two guys have bonded so much. My friend, Melissa, tells me when she sees Hunter, she sees Carter is 12-13 years! (Hunter is 6'7, so I hope we are not exactly like Hunter!) Damon and I appreciate these guys so much for treating Carter like one of them. They will never know how much they mean to our family!

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