Friday, March 12, 2010

Carter's First Research Project

Carter had to do his first research project at school this week. He was suppose to choose a zoo animal and find 5 facts about this animal. He followed in his sister's footsteps choosing the lion. His 5 facts were:

  1. Lions live in Africa.
  2. Boy lions have manes.
  3. Girl lions do all the hunting.
  4. Baby lions are called cubs.
  5. Lions weigh between 330-550 lbs.

Again, following in his sister's footsteps, he made a power point and wanted to include his favorite lions - the FHU Lions. These are the ones he included:

FHU Athletes are called lions. Here are some of my favorite FHU Lions.

I like to give 5's to the Lion basketball team after their games.
Coach Jason Gallagher
Derek Williford (but I call him D-Willy)
Adam Blackburn and Derek Bush
Garrett Ammons

I got to hear him give his report and he did such a good job! Way to go, Carter! One down and many more to go in your lifetime!

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