Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Do The 4 Of Us Have In Common?

Some people might look at this picture and ask that question. The answer is: We all have at least one night a week when our husbands are at work and we are with the kids by ourselves. As we talked, we all had the same feelings of being overwhelmed, excluded by some and from somethings because we don't have the flexibility of the 2nd parent most nights. So we started getting together once a week for dinner. We all pitch in and have a much better supper for our kids (and us) than we would if we were at home by ourselves. Our cups always overflow after these nights because we have laughed with, encouraged, related to and enjoyed each other so much. It makes bedtime that night much more bearable! I love these women so much, appreciate all they are, and marvel at what they are trying to be! Thanks, girls!
How we feel when the husbands are away
and there is no girls' night for that day!
Thanks, too, to my sweet Laura Beth for taking the pictures! You are awesome, girl!

1 comment:

Arika said...

Definitely a bright spot in my week! :)

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