Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Can You Get With These Smiles . . . .

Apparently you can get free Cheetos with your hot dog from college baseball guys. These two were given their dollar to go get a hot dog from the concession stand and came back with a hot dog and bag of Cheetos each. I asked how they got that since I had given each one a dollar. They looked at me (flashed those smiles) and told me,

We just asked if a bag of chips came with the hot dogs
and they said, "Yes!"
Carter got mad because when he went to get his hot dog earlier, he was not given this deal. I gave him another dollar to get a bag of chips. He came back most disgusted with a bag of chips but minus a dollar. He exclaimed, "I had to pay for my chips!" Son, you are just not as cute to college guys as these two are!

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