Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Review: Masquerade

I really did not know what to expect when I got the book Masquerade, by Nancy Moser, but I loved reading it and learned a lot of history and spiritual implications for my life.  The book begins in 1886 in England.  Charlotte, or Lottie, leaves the confines of her well to do home, that is falling down around her, to go to America to marry a wealthy American heir whom she has never met.  Lottie is leaving one world for another, but she is not sure if it is the world she wants to be a part of.  Her faithful maid and best friend, Dora, goes with her on this journey.  Dora, on this journey, leaves her world behind as well.  She joins Lottie on this trip, not as her maid, but as a lady, and she is excited about stepping into these new shoes.
Lottie, not being thrilled with the arrangement made for her in America, convinces Dora to switch places with her once they arrive in America.  Reluctantly, Dora agrees and, overnight, becomes an American princess.

When they arrive in America, Dora takes the role as Charlotte and lives a life that she has only been able to see from the outside.  Dora had been the one grounded a little more in her faith in God, but as the book moves on you see her leaning more to herself and the treasures around her.  She finds herself trapped in the lie she is living while confused about what she really wants out of her life.  She learns that treasures on earth are not as great as treasures in heaven.  She learns for herself that she can step out, not follow what the others think, and have the life, without the lies, that she has dreamed of for herself.

While Dora is enjoying the high life, Lottie's life in American immediately begins with much trouble.  Left with nothing, she is taken in by the salt of the earth, and she is thrust into life as the other half lives.  She learns to look to God to direct her path and what she thought was important may not really be what she needs in her life.  She is taught to love others, love herself, and to love her God.

This is a book that reminds us all of who is really in control of our lives, and, when we merge our plans into His plans,  things work out for the best.  I would encourage anyone to read this book and to enjoy it the way I did!  Thank you, to Bethany House, for sending me this free copy to read and then review.  It was a blessing!

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