Monday, November 8, 2010

Help Kids Play Baseball!!!!!

Recently, my kids and some of their friends were asked to help make a music video to raise money for the Special Needs Baseball League in Jackson.  We jumped at the opportunity to help for many reasons:

1.  We LOVE baseball!!!

2.  Carter and Laura Beth have two friends from school with Brittle Bone disease.
Both friends play in this Special Needs league.  The little boy who is Carter's age tried to 
play in the league Carter plays in but had some trouble.  This gives him the 
chance to play this great game he loves.

3.  We are continually trying to teach the kids to DO WHAT THEY CAN.  This was
something they could do to help those who needed it.  They were so excited to participate and 
were even more excited because they were helping their friends!!


Watch the video (in which my kids and their friends are in).  Click on the One For The Team at the bottom of the video to see how you can help our friends continue to play the game they love!!!!!

1 comment:

Kimberly Washer said...

Carter's faces are hilarious!! So Cute!!!!

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