Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Cards Take Two - Because I Did Not Have All the Instructions Before!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS - that is really an understatement. I love it all - the music, the decorations, the smells, the food, the time with family and hearing from friends! I love going out to the mailbox to see whose card I am going to get that day.  I love seeing how personalities of families come out in their cards!  It is great! I love getting photo cards during the holidays and then seeing them line our refrigerator throughout the year. It helps us remember all those people all over the United States who love us and have seen us through so many times in our lives. I love looking through Shutterfly's Photo Christmas Cards and there are so many amazing choices. They have the option of making your favorite picture into a card or if you have too many favorites, they have collage cards too.  I usually do a collage card because I can't decide which picture I want to use!

Maybe this time of year has you stressed to the max  like I am right now, and Christmas cards are really out of the questions. Maybe you are just wanting to cut some things out of your life right now - you could make New Year's Cards or even Valentine's Day cards - the possibilities are really endless!  For all my friends and family out there - this is the way we are probably going to be heading this year at the Welch household!!!

Not only can you get your Christmas cards from Shutterfly, you can do your Christmas shopping there as well. Shutterfly has a ton of gift ideas for every person on your list. They offer a wide variety from photo books, coffee mugs featuring your favorite photo(s), Wall Calendars, and of course Wall Art Canvas. I have made several photo books as gifts over the last few years. I always hear - for months to come - how much the person  loved the photo book and how many people have commented on it.  The calendars have also been MAJOR hits in the past!

I love Shutterfly and this year I love them even more because they are giving all of us crazy bloggers a chance to earn 50...FIFTY...yes I said 50 free Christmas Cards of your choice....and it is EASY!
All you have to do is click on the link below and they will email you the easy to follow instructions for receiving your free 50 Cards. Follow these easy steps :

1) Start planning out that perfect Christmas Card photo
2) Click on this link, to receive your instructions
3) Write a brief blog about Shutterfly's AWESOME Cards

Now, you are ready to design your 2010 Christmas Cards that everyone is going to love to get and treasure during this season of the year!

Thank you Shutterfly!! You continue to amaze me with all you have to offer us!

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