Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for Older People

Growing up in an Air Force family, we lived many hours (and sometimes days) away from our grandparents.  However, God provided us adopted grandparents, aunts and uncles who stepped into those roles for my brothers and me.  How thankful I am to God for placing those people in my life.  My kids are extremely blessed because they live close to 2 grandparents and have lived (and known well) 4 great grandparents!!  They are even more blessed to have aunts and uncles around them on a regular basis.  However, that has not stopped us from "adopting" older people we come in contact with at church and other places.  Carter, especially, has a big heart for these people.  His teacher at school has an aunt who has moved from West Virginia to Henderson into an assisted living home.  He is constantly talking about "Aunt Danny," so I thought it would be great for the kids in his class to make some things for the residents and "Aunt Danny."  I searched high and low (and all throughout the internet) for an easy Thanksgiving project and came up with this (which now I can't find the website where this was - oh well!).  It was great - It was easy - It turned out nothing like I thought they would.  However,  that is perfectly fine with me. The kids LOVED making the turkeys their own and kept talking about how this would make the older people's holidays so special.  
It was so much fun seeing them put thought into what they were making.  I even found some kits from Oriental Trading and the kids worked together to weave Indian corn.  All in all it was a success and EVERYONE was happy!
Carter with his turkey.
Friend Drew with his turkey and Indian Corn
Friend Pearce with his turkey and Indian corn.
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