Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Treat - Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween for this year.  We were able to spend it with many friends who helped us celebrate!! Take a look at just part of our wonderful time of Tricking and Treating!

Trick or Treating in the FHU Dorms
with the Weekleys and Youngs!
 LB, AC and Carter
 Carter, Jessica, LB
The Traditional Young/Welch Family Picture
 Our new friend, Rachel, hosted a Halloween Party.
Our family had a wonderful time!
 Gran and Granddad Willis also were at the party.
I loved this picture of them with the "grandkids."
 Carter and Rachel played the spider game - his favorite of the night!
Whitney and LB take a crack at their pumpkin at our annual pumpkin carving party.

 Carter supervises Hunter - He did eventually carve his first pumpkin!

 The crew with their pumpkins!

 Funny Faces!!!!

Pumpkin Faces!!!

 Oh, these boys!!!

Gallagher and Carter - pumpkin carving rookies of the year!

 Cassie, LB and Whitney

 LB and Whitney with their pumpkin!

Happy Halloween 2010!

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