Monday, August 1, 2011

Reunited . . . and It Feels So Good!!!

This is the last night of summer in the Welch household . . . sigh!  It has been a great summer with some wonderful memories.  One of the best parts of the summer was being able to reunite with some of my friends I had not seen in FOREVER!!!!!

First, BFF from high school, Jennifer showed up at Carter's All-Star tournament because her nephew was on the team.  Why have I not seen her in forever?  She is currently living in INDIA!!!!!  She was able to come home for part of the summer and I am just so glad our paths crossed.  She and I traveled to New York together - twice.  We lived at any Broadway play that would come our way and if we could not get to a Broadway play we would sing it at the TOP OF OUR LUNGS!!!!  Jennifer changed me "For Good" and I am a better person because of her.

This weekend I was able to spend some time with former college friends.  I will spare us ALL the embarrassment by posting pictures then, so here is the NOW!!!!!  Not too bad for 3 thirty something moms!!!! We had so much fun catching up, telling stories from days gone by and promising to keep in touch in the future.

Connie and Jennifer were two of my friends in college. Both lived down the hall from me at some point in my college career and we were part of the same social club.  Both these women are two of the kindest women I have EVER known in my life.  Again, blessed to have known both of these women and have them still in my life!!!

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