Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Apple Lunch for the Teacher

We have always been so blessed to have such wonderful teachers for our children.  We have always had that at the top of our prayer lists and I know God has heard and answered those prayers.  We always try to make the teachers feel special and to let them know Damon and I are behind them 100%.  This year, we thought we might do something a bit different for our teachers the first full day of school.  We mades some of the same things we had for our Apple of My Eye supper and put them in baskets for the teachers to enjoy.  My sis-in-law, Amy, helped me pick out the baskets (there were too many cute ones to choose from) but we decided to continue the color theme from the supper.

An Apple for the Teacher Lunch Basket:

yellow and white daisies
line green silverware tied in a red napkin
(I put the chicken salad in a clear cup then placed that in a clear bag tied at the top.)
Bistro crackers
Sister Shubert rolls
(both the crackers and the rolls were placed their own clear bag tied at the top)
an apple
a slice of apple cake

We hope our teachers enjoyed their special lunches and, more importantly, that we love them and are lifting them up in prayer each day!


Smelling Coffee said...

How sweet! Love this. I'm having a hard time finding an idea to do for High School teachers... it's not like elem school when my "babies" could (or would) walk into their homerooms with sweet gifts from the mom. haha. Still, those teachers need encouragement as well... If anything comes to mind, I'd love to know. ;-)


Melissa Lester said...

That looks adorable and delicious! It is difficult to believe it is already time for back-to-school lunches, but that pretty basket would be worth getting up early for.

Katrina said...

I hope I have a few parents like you :) We meet our kids and parents Monday and I'm excited for a new year. Just reading this made me feel upbeat about starting a new year. Thanks, Becky.

Kimberly Washer said...

Sooooo Cute!!!

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