Thursday, August 25, 2011

He Who Tolled the Bell

Pop had another BIG day today.  FHU honored him in their first chapel service of the new year.  The past few years they have selected someone who has given to FHU to be the Master of the Bell.  This person gives a short speech and then rings the bell (one of the first school bells from FHU) one time for every decade the school has been in existence.  The freshmen are also honored and take the following pledge:

As I become a student, I will honor the Christian heritage of Freed-Hardeman University.
As I strive to live the Christian ideals of this university, I will seek excellence in all my pursuits.
As I join the alumni of Freed-Hardeman University, I will leave a legacy of service for those students who follow.

It was a lovely day for a lovely man.  So glad we were able to be there to help him celebrate.

Walking In . . .

President Wiley and Papa

Tolling the bell 14 times (or a few more)

It was a great day! Thank you, FHU!

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