Monday, August 29, 2011

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

Because of Carter's peanut allergy, we can't have all the typical baseball foods at his baseball party, but we got as close as we could.  Brian McCann bobble head and statue held down the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburg Pirates napkins for the guests to choose from after they chose to be a part of the American League with a Texas Ranger plate or part of the National League with an Atlanta Braves plate.  Hot dogs and all the toppings as well as chips were devoured by the all-star children.

Cupcakes made by Gran, Cathy and myself were enjoyed by the all-stars as well.  Thanks to Jennifer Hart, from Hart to Heart Designs, for the amazing labels used throughout the food table.  They were great! She also designed the invitations - which I cannot get to come up on the blog right now.

For the managers (adults) and all-stars who did not like hot dogs, we had HERO subs.  Carter chose his favorite HEROES from baseball past.  So, we all enjoyed Jackie Robinson subs (ham and turkey with Colby Jack cheese), Hank Aaron subs (ham and turkey with cheddar cheese) and Willie Mays subs (roast beef with white American cheese) along with all the toppings for those as well.

The eating part did not last long as the kids were anxious to get back on the field to play ball.

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